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A medical tuition and dental tuition center to conceptualize learning along with

mastering the art of writing exams and effective

time management strategies! 

RGUHS exam dates for 1st MBBS (RS3), 3rd MBBS & 4th MBBS  Exam

on 23rd March 2021



MBBS Tuition - Repeater 

Duration: Long term

Classes & Exams - Daily

For: Who failed/unable to appear for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & final year MBBS University Exams.

BDS Tuition - Repeater 

Duration: Long term

Classes & Exams - Daily

For: Who failed/unable to appear for 1st & 2nd year BDS University Exams.

Crash Courses  

Duration: Short term

Classes & Exams - Daily

For: MBBS (1st - final year) & BDS (1st & 2nd year) students appearing for college internal tests/main or supplementary University Exams.

MBBS Tuition - Regular 

Duration: Long term

Classes & Exams - Weekends

For: 1st, 2nd, 3rd & final year MBBS students to stay on track or soar ahead in their ongoing medical college portions to enjoy academic edge over others. 

BDS Tuition - Regular 

Duration: Long term

Classes & Exams - Weekends

For:  1st & 2nd year BDS students to stay on track or soar ahead in their ongoing medical college portions to enjoy academic edge over others. 

Customized Courses 

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We teach all medical & dental subjects including Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, ENT, ophthalmology, community medicine, Pediatrics, General Medicine, General Surgery, and Obstetrics & Gynecology


Why Choose Us !

Proven Results

Been delivering 87 - 94.5% + success rate from more than a decade & half with many distinction holders. 

Disciplined Ambiance  

Punctuality in classes & tests. Strictly monitored study hrs. with constant CCTV surveillance.

Experienced Tutors  

Pre-screened highly-qualified Subject Specialists accomplished in the classroom teaching skills and delivering the best outcomes.

   Limited Seats  

20 students/subject

with  individual attention.

Regular Tests

To assess student’s conceptual  understanding & level of preparedness for the final exam.

Digital Administration

Biometric attendance. Regular automated time table and performance updates by SMS & emails.

Our Strengths

How It Works

Pre-enrollment assessment to know student-specific needs & difficulties.

Student Reports - to keep the track on learning progress.

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Tailored Programs - individual learning plans & one-on-one tutoring.

Seek Feedback - periodically from parents & students.  

Our Testimonials 

Nikeetha Betty Pinheiro

13th Aug 2018

1st MBBS

 Karwar Institute of Medical Sciences, Karwar

  "My first year of mbbs was probably the best and hardest thing that ever happened to me. After seeing those three red marks on the supplementary, I was crushed. I knew that I had made it incredibly hard for myself to study all the three subjects and at the same time watch my old classmates enjoy in second year. I was initially forced to go for the interview by my mother (as I had decided to study myself at home), after which I planned to never go back, but I did and it was the best decision of my life. I am not gonna lie. The place is pure torture with all the hard work, crazy work schedule, daily exams that beat the crap out of you and the air of disciple that forever hangs over your head like a Guillotine. So no doubt that it's hard but even Carbon was a just chunk of coal that did well under pressure. I recently got my results, and I've passed all three with good marks and all the credit goes to the hard work at Anatomy guru, which helped me realize my true potential which frankly is the most important of them all. He saw what I didn't see in myself and I will Carry this on for forever more. "

R.N.Rachan Gupta

23 Mar, 2017

1st MBBS

MVJ Medical College, Bangalore

"After failing in MBBS I was very much depressed, by God's grace I reached the right place-Anatomy Guru. It's not just like other tutorials; here teachers are very much knowledgeable, dedicated for teaching Suresh sir for anatomy, Merlin Mam for physiology, and Sibin Sir for biochemistry. Teaching is excellent. All students understand subject very well along with passing the exams. Though the academy is located in a very busy place, it is really calm inside and place is spacious. Studying environment is very good and peaceful. Rules are strict. Chapter wise exams and frequent revisions have helped a lot to perform well and clear all subjects in my exams. Suresh sir helped me a lot in overcoming my fear, encouraging me and getting me out of depression, he guided me not only like a teacher but also he helped me in giving study tips, and encouraging me like a friend. "

Vaseem Akram Vadhooth 

16 Oct, 2017

1st MBBS

 Rajarajeswari Medical College, Bangalore

"Hope I could give a countless number of stars as my rating. As a failure, and no hopes of clearing the 1st MBBS, reached a place Anatomy Guru where on the very first day, found 100% confidence of clearing my problem of failing for more than 4 attempts, what people need is, pure hard work and dedication, and listen to the instructions given by your staff. Though you may not find this easy, due to a hectic schedule, a few months of hard work may give you a bright future for the next 50 to 60 years. My favorite part here is, sir taking our phones with him to avoid the biggest distraction in today's generation. This is the best place for a person, who has completely lost hopes, and coming with the last hope of clearing off 1st MBBS. Additional tests which are conducted daily help you to understand which part your weakness is in. A daily schedule from 05:30 am to 8 pm for a span of 4.5 months has changed my life. Overall, a place which I would recommend to people who've hopes of becoming good doctors. Thank you Anatomy Guru for such an amazing and memorable experience will miss these days spent with you, but not going to leave you for the rest of my life. People this is the right and only place for you to find genuine and hard-worked success. " 

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